Wow, it has been a very long time since I posted here!

GDI never really tells you about the limitations you find yourself weighed down with when you buy a .ws domain.

The first cover up is the B.S. about .ws meaning “web site”.

It’s not. That’s just marketing propaganda. It’s Western Samoa, which imposes tight restrictions on what you can do and can’t do with domains in their domain space. (Visit Samoa.nic and see for yourself.)

You can’t just transfer .ws domains to the host of your choice, either.

GDI isn’t a domain registrar, either. They’re a reseller. So their costs are higher — and so are yours. Add on the cost of supporting all those levels of payouts and it soon climbs steeply.

GDI’s prices are a LOT higher than other domain hosts, too, for the same reasons.

In a nutshell, GDI targets the exact same market as SkyBiz2000 (the biggest illegal pyramid scheme in history) — people who want a cookie-cutter approach to having a web site, who don’t have a clue about competitive pricing, and who swallow promises of online riches from flogging the same deal to others.

It’s just not blatantly illegal like SkyBiz2000 was.

If you’re happy to sell ignorant people overpriced, restrictive package deals, go for it. If you have a conscience, there are plenty of other opportunities to sell competitive package deals that offer a whole lot more for a whole lot less money.

Ah… but then you can’t rake in the BIG bucks at the expense of the ignorant and desperate.

What a dilemma!