It has been my experience

that when people get into MLMs they get so excited about the “opportunity” that they forget some basic manners. This then gets reinforced by their uplines (” ‘no’ means ‘maybe’ “) so they become pests. After all they think they are trying to do you a HUGE favor.

My preferred method – telling them to eff off has the disadvantage (as PW has pointed out) of not really getting anywhere – and it especially wont help them get out of the MLM.

I have had recent opportunity on two occasions now to try a different approach. I merely said to each of them that I was sorry to hear that they had become mired in such a tawdry little forum and I certainly wished them all the best personally. I then went on to say that I was being polite and that they should return the favor and be polite too. That would mean they would never, ever phone me about MLMs again.

I actually managed to say it in a friendly voice and neither has called me about their MLM again.