LOVE the hybrid idea!

Like right now we should be putting in I think it is $4 for this week, but dh is working some major ot this weekend, so it would be a good thing to do the $50’s when that money comes in and save the $5 on up for tighter times. BRILLIANT! Jan who is currently rebuilding her BEF and thrilled the OT hit in OK.
example: It was a good week? Save $52 and cross off week 52….Not a great week? Cross off week 1 and save $1 or week $10 and save $10—whatever works for you. No particular order of weeks here—just pick the week you want to pick and save that amount—keeping it mind–once crossed that week is not available again…..(so maybe you save 1 through 10 for “emergency weeks”)
Again—I personally like and choose to do the hybrid method–especially since we get paid every 2 weeks around here.
Just an idea to make this easier for you,
PS I took a zippered money pouch and am labeling envelopes with the week I put in there….so example, when I put week 12 in—I write week 12 on a small white envelope, put $12 in, seal it and put it in the money pouch—-after 3 weeks–I now have 3 envelopes in there.