Once I got all this sorted out I asked about medicare for me

Because I have been a sahm/w for over 40 years I do not have enough units/credits to draw on my own ss and because we are looking hard at retirement and its costs within the next couple of years we wanted to verify I would have insurance, or at least have an idea of what it would cost. Because we have been married over 9 months (just slightly 40 wedding anniversary is in March) I will draw ss off of dh and that qualifies me to be covered under his medicare as well. My card will have his number and a B on it, not to be confused with group B. Unless he is deceased and then it will have his number with a D or W on it. Had I been married to my first for over 10 years then it might actually have had a D1,2 or W 1,2 on it (deceased or widow)—thankfully I got out of that abusive marriage after just 3 years so that won’t be a problem.
I do not qualify for medicare until two things happen 1-dh turns 66 and is drawing his ss again (not a problem he’ll be nearly 67 when I turn 65) and I must be 65. So while we do our retirement planning we need to include full coverage insurance for me until I turn 65 and then take out the medicare plus the supplemental B and D. B, according to Belinda if congress doesn’t change anything will be at a discounted rate for me since I will be filing under his social security, D will be up to the insurance company we get it through. BTW not getting D within a certain time comes with some penalties too.
Now if you aren’t totally lost you catch on quicker than I did because I had to ask a few of the questions a couple of times of both Belinda and Sarah today to make certain I had everything right.
So the long and the short of it Medicare is NOT free, just part A is and that only covers hospital STAYS, not ER, not out patient, not doctors and NOT the rx’s. Part B currently costs a minimum of $314.70 for three months. However, if an individual makes higher than $85,000 or couples $170,000 and under certain circumstances it could be higher. They check your IRS records to determine this. Part D for rx’s is a separate policy and you have to get that through an “pre-approved” company to get the rx coverage. You can have it deducted monthly from your ss check prior to receiving it though. NONE of these policies are 100% coverage.
Right now, after Feb 1 if dh is hospitalized BCBS of OK would be the primary and medicare group A would be his coverage. And I don’t have to fork over the $314 every three months until he retires.