As long as you are ACTIVELY employed

the key word being ACTIVELY and have medical coverage with your employer then you are not required to pay for the part B through SS. You cannot simply have insurance through your employer as part of your retirement package, you must be ACTIVELY employed as in going to work 40 hours or more per week. From the last day of that employment you have 8 months to start paying for the part B through ss or face the penalty. If you fail to do it during that time period and later want it you cannot file for it except in Jan-March of the calendar year and then it would not kick in until July of that year. In other words you would be paying six months for it at a penalty rate and have zero part B coverage prior to July 1.
It is suggested that you start filing for it two months prior to leaving your job if you can so there is no lapse in coverage.
Now here is the kicker I never would have thought of if beautiful Belinda hadn’t warned me to check. SOME not all insurance but SOME will NOT cover your group B benefits even if you are paying full premiums once you turn 65. Belinda had me call BCBS of OK to verify that dh would be covered for out patient, ER, minor emergency etc with the BCBS group we were in prior to notifying SS that we did not need group B through them. Have I lost you yet?
BCBS of OK said that as long as dh was ACTIVELY employed (there is that phrase again) he would be covered by them as our primary insurance and medicare would be considered our secondary. I have reference numbers and such if a problem should ever occur on this. But only because of the level of Blue Option we have. Should we change our level that could change…I don’t know about you but it’s a good thing I took copious notes as I was talking to them—I am a person whose eyes glaze over where insurance is concerned.
They too said they would not cover if dh got it as part of a retirement package and was not working.