Hi, this is my first post to the forum

I am concerned about a friend. She is a newly single mom who has a great job but is being sucked into and MLM. I am trying to talk her out of it as hard as I can. She went to a recruitment rally and is GUNG HO. I need some help as to what to say to her. She can not afford to lose any money. What can I say to her to wake her up and understand what a MLM is. The company is Advocare and OMG the crap they preach is horrible. I have tried my damdnest to tell her the facts of any MLM not just this particular one.

Can anyone please help me with information on what a bad move this is. She is all about it. I cant say anything at this point that she does not come back at. I have searched and searched on the web for any bad stuff on Advocare. I cant find much. I found this forum during my search so I am hoping someone can help me.

She is totally enthralled at this point.