This post is a classic

Its a more detailed pitch than most with a standard disclaimer at the end. It has most of the classic phrases you find with MLMs. Forgive me, but to my eyes, it certainly looks like you are trying to make a case for GDI – And judging by your comments about Hard Core Anti-MLM sites, I suspect you must know this is one of them. So I really have to question your motive for the long an detailed post (pitch?). (My comments are in (parenthesis) )

I will cut and paste some parts of your e-mail to illustrate – most of them are classic MLM speak.

Wow, it has been a very long time since I posted here!

GDI never really tells you about the limitations you find yourself weighed down with when you buy a .ws domain.

The first cover up is the B.S. about .ws meaning “web site”.

It’s not. That’s just marketing propaganda. It’s Western Samoa, which imposes tight restrictions on what you can do and can’t do with domains in their domain space. (Visit Samoa.nic and see for yourself.)

You can’t just transfer .ws domains to the host of your choice, either.

GDI isn’t a domain registrar, either. They’re a reseller. So their costs are higher — and so are yours. Add on the cost of supporting all those levels of payouts and it soon climbs steeply.

GDI’s prices are a LOT higher than other domain hosts, too, for the same reasons.

In a nutshell, GDI targets the exact same market as SkyBiz2000 (the biggest illegal pyramid scheme in history) — people who want a cookie-cutter approach to having a web site, who don’t have a clue about competitive pricing, and who swallow promises of online riches from flogging the same deal to others.

It’s just not blatantly illegal like SkyBiz2000 was.

If you’re happy to sell ignorant people overpriced, restrictive package deals, go for it. If you have a conscience, there are plenty of other opportunities to sell competitive package deals that offer a whole lot more for a whole lot less money.

Ah… but then you can’t rake in the BIG bucks at the expense of the ignorant and desperate.

What a dilemma!

Exactly! As Jacie said, you ARE one of the smart ones

It took me a very long time to see that most of those I inducted into my MLM, would by design fail. They must fail in order for the MLM to work.

Imagine if MLMers told the truth when soliciting (heck, I’d bet a majority of them don’t KNOW the truth…I didn’t)? “You probably won’t make any money but you’ll spend a lot of it, and it’ll take up a lot of your time”. lol.

Why pay $10 a month for something you can get for a good deal less if you just shop around?

And what the heck if a vanity domain? I have,,, and, all names I specifically picked out. How much more of a “vanity” domain can one get?

Unless you’re dealing with a need for back-end software on a website, I just can’t see paying $10 a month for a domain with email. In that case, I’d go through Directnic, which I’ve been using for years (maybe as long as a decade by now). I can register a domain for $15 a year, which is a fair price, and I can host it there for $15 a year. That’s $30 a year for a domain with multiple email address, including hosting so I can put up a web site compared to your $120 a year.

I think I’ll use the extra $90 a year I save to buy a few good bottles of wine so I can have a glass at night before I go to sleep.

So why should I pay an extra $90 a year and give up the wine? That’s 9 pretty decent bottles or 6 better bottles, or 4 higher quality wine bottles. (I’ve found that once you go above $15 a bottle, the wine quality doesn’t go up as much as the price does.)

You wanted to be talked out of it (as you say below). This should do it. And the argument about paying more gets more service is void. See below where I discuss that. My advice: drop it. It’s way overpriced.

Multiple streams is a good idea. It’s how I make my income, but I also make sure I provide a product that is either competitive in price or an exclusive product. You’re dealing with selling an item that many people don’t want and a lot of people that do want it know how to get it for only 25% of the price.

There are much better affiliate programs out there offered by web hosting companies. I’m one and get $95 for each referral that signs up with my hosting company. Actually, that’s more than 50% of what the hosting company will get in the first year for many sites – bad credit for payday loans with 100% guaranteed approval!! Oh, yes, a hot chick will check out your email address before she checks out anything else. That’s the one thing that she’s looking for that’ll make sure you get lucky.

I’ve been using my own domains and custom email addresses for years. Sure, it’s nice to have it when you hand out the first 5-10 business cards, but, honestly, it’s not a big deal after that unless you don’t have much else going on in your life.

It has been my experience

that when people get into MLMs they get so excited about the “opportunity” that they forget some basic manners. This then gets reinforced by their uplines (” ‘no’ means ‘maybe’ “) so they become pests. After all they think they are trying to do you a HUGE favor.

My preferred method – telling them to eff off has the disadvantage (as PW has pointed out) of not really getting anywhere – and it especially wont help them get out of the MLM.

I have had recent opportunity on two occasions now to try a different approach. I merely said to each of them that I was sorry to hear that they had become mired in such a tawdry little forum and I certainly wished them all the best personally. I then went on to say that I was being polite and that they should return the favor and be polite too. That would mean they would never, ever phone me about MLMs again.

I actually managed to say it in a friendly voice and neither has called me about their MLM again.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, jacie!

It is so nice to know that I am not alone! I feel so much better since I have quit. I didn’t realize how much it was consuming my life (even though I wasn’t in for that long) until now. I realize how annoying MLM people are now too! I’ve been getting rid of my stuff and sold my Dani Johnson CD’s on e-bay. There was an issue with the shipping and trying to be a good seller, I gave my phone number for any questions. Well, this woman has been calling me not about the purchase, but her MLM. I tried really hard to be nice, but wanted to tell her what I really thought and not to quit her day job! IT is sad all the false hopes they give people. But as for my self, lesson learned and thanks again for the welcome. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Hi, my name is Niary and I am glad I found this.

Haven’t looked through too many posts yet, but here is my intro. I thought that I was one of the “smarter” ones investgating the company I was with for two months before signing on. I was however, convinced that because I was a hard worker and determined I would do well and eventually live the life that so many others in the company seemed to be living. Instead, what I got was a huge sense of failure. But then again I don’t because I realize that in order to be a part of the “two percent” club, I would have to set 98% of the people that I talked to up for failure and I just wasn’t willing to do that. Looking forward to being a part of the forum!

I wish I had a good answer

I have a friend too who got sucked into MLM — it was scAmway for him. He is now in really deep. I wish I had worked harder at first to keep him from getting in, but I don’t know if it would have helped. I keep thinking if I would have kept him from going to that recruitment thing.. but then again, the friend who got him in probably would have tried to get him to go to a different one. At first, I didn’t know for sure what it was — because, of course, they never tell their potential recruits the name of it. That’s because people me would go ballistic on those trying to recruit our friends and hopefully stop it.

I’m not sure what all you can do. In many cases, once they’re in, the harder you protest against it, the more they dig their heels in.

Hi, this is my first post to the forum

I am concerned about a friend. She is a newly single mom who has a great job but is being sucked into and MLM. I am trying to talk her out of it as hard as I can. She went to a recruitment rally and is GUNG HO. I need some help as to what to say to her. She can not afford to lose any money. What can I say to her to wake her up and understand what a MLM is. The company is Advocare and OMG the crap they preach is horrible. I have tried my damdnest to tell her the facts of any MLM not just this particular one.

Can anyone please help me with information on what a bad move this is. She is all about it. I cant say anything at this point that she does not come back at. I have searched and searched on the web for any bad stuff on Advocare. I cant find much. I found this forum during my search so I am hoping someone can help me.

She is totally enthralled at this point.